Students Receive Lesson In Democracy

Higham Lane students got their own taste of democracy on May 7th when the General Election came to School.

Students from across all year groups voted for their preferred candidate in a mock General Election with a difference.

Mirroring national politics, the Conservatives were once again the victors, however, the voters did not actually know which party they were voting for on the day.

Each member of the school's Junior Leadership Team recorded a speech summarising the policies of the five main political parties, although students were unaware of which party each JLT member was representing. The speeches were played to students who then cast their votes accordingly.

The campaign leading up to the mock election ran for two weeks with students learning about democracy and the voting system in their tutor period each day.

Headteacher, Mr Kelly, said: ``It is important that students should listen to the policies and arguments, not just be influenced by the image of a particular party or the views of family and friends; we are teaching them to become thoughtful, discerning, responsible voters of the future.

``All students had the chance to vote in a secret ballot and the result was confirmed at the end of the day. We hope it was a memorable as well as educational experience for our voters of the future.''

Below: Students cast their votes in Higham Lane School's Mock General Election.